The Second International Workshop

On Wireless Network Measurement

(WiNMee 2006)

April 3, 2006

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

(co-located with WiOpt 2006)

Local Arrangements

WiNMee 2006 will be the Second International Workshop on Wireless Network Measurement. The first workshop, WiNMee 2005, was held in Lago di Gardi, Italy, and was highly successful with 32 submissions and 13 accepted papers. This year we hope to build on the success of last year by bringing researchers together to discuss the next generation of wireless network measurement research. Wireless networking has attracted much recent interest. Nonetheless, performance evaluation of wireless protocols, networks, and applications are still largely based on simulations. Only recently have researchers turned their attention to measuring real-world networks; building models based on real-world data, and using testbeds to more realistically evaluate their proposed ideas. Accurate network measurements have proven to be a different and a greater challenge than in wired networks. Accurate data models that reflect the unique characteristics of wireless networks have also proven to be more of a challenge. Wireless network testbeds have proven to be yet another difficult environment in which to work due to the many unique properties of the wireless medium. For example, results in wireless testbeds are often difficult to reproduce due to performance variations caused by location, weather, time of day, and other uncontrollable external variables. Testbeds are also challenging because implementing novel solutions often requires significant changes to the network as well as careful observation and measurement.

The committee for WiNMee 2006 is soliciting 6 page papers that report on experiences obtained from operational wireless experiments, either in testbeds or in the field. Topics include:

  • Operational experience on the performance of wireless networks
  • Challenges with wireless measurements
  • Experimental (in)validation of assumptions in a wireless environments
  • Metrics for wireless network for performance evaluation
  • Wireless network troubleshooting techniques and recommendations
  • Experience with building/designing wireless networks
  • Description of tools for building and/or managing wireless testbeds
  • Techniques for testbed scaling
  • Techniques for improving experiment repeatability
  • Techniques for validating results obtained from wireless testbeds
  • Methods for simplifying experiment setup and reconfiguration
  • Mobility pattern implementation

Submitted paper should have measurement as subject or use measurements to validate their results to be in the scope of the conference.


Submission deadline:

Notification deadline:
Camera-ready due:
Workshop date:


April 3, 2006

(extensions granted on a per-request basis by emailing the co-chairs


Submitted papers should not exceed 6 pages in length. Papers should be formatted in two columns with a point size greater or equal to 10. Papers that do not explicitly adhere to these requirements will not be reviewed.

Paper submission will be through EDAS. Use this link to go directly to the WiNMee 2006 EDAS submission page.


Camera ready instructions are available at Note: this is a multi-stage process. Authors of acccepted papers must first register for the workshop and submit an IEEE copyright form before being sent final upload instructions.


Workshop Co-Chairs

  • Kevin C. Almeroth, UC-Santa Barbara, USA
  • Kave Salamatian, LIP6, France

Technical Program Committee

  • Kevin Almeroth, UC-Santa Barbara, USA
  • Anish Arora, Ohio State, USA
  • Chadi Barakat, INRIA , France
  • Elizabeth M. Belding-Royer, UC-Santa Barbara, USA
  • Andrew Campbell, Dartmouth , USA
  • Ahmed Helmy, USC, USA
  • Tristan Henderson, Dartmouth, USA
  • Ed Knightly, Rice University , USA
  • Josep Mangues, CTTC, Spain
  • Konstantina Papagiannaki, Intel Research , UK
  • Ashu Sabharwal, Rice University, USA
  • Kave Salamatian, LIP6 , France
  • Suresh Singh, Portland State University, USA
  • Aruna Seneviratne, National ICT, Australia
  • Thierry Turletti, INRIA, France
  • Thomas Ziegler, FTW , Austria


08:45 – 09:00 Welcome
09:00 – 10:00Keynote:  “Deployment of an Urban IEEE 802.11 Mesh Access Network: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead”Ed Knightly (Rice University)Link to:  [presentation]
10:00 – 10:30Break
10:30 – 12:10Session I:  Measurement Methods and Studies [Session Chair: Kevin Almeroth, UC-Santa Barbara]
1.      “Wireless Testbed Bonsai”Vinayak Naik (Ohio State), Emre Ertin (Ohio State), Hongwei Zhang (Ohio State), Anish Arora (Ohio State)Link to: [paper] [presentation] 
2.      “Sensorless Sensing in Wireless Networks: Implementation and Measurements”Kristen Woyach (Notre Dame), Daniele Puccinelli (Notre Dame), Martin Haenggi (Notre Dame)Link to: [paper] [presentation] 
3.      “Multi-Radio Based Active and Passive Wireless Network Measurements”Marc Portoles-Comeras (CTTC), Josep Mangues-Bafalluy (CTTC), Manuel Requena-Esteso (CTTC)Link to: [paper] [presentation] 
4.      “Channel Sampling Strategies for Wireless Monitoring”Udayan Deshpande (Dartmouth), Tristan Henderson (Dartmouth), David Kotz (Dartmouth)Link to: [paper] [presentation]
 5.      “On Modeling User Associations in Wireless LAN Traces on University Campuses”Wei-Jen Hsu (USC), Ahmed Helmy (USC)Link to: [paper] [presentation]
12:10 – 13:15Lunch
13:20 – 15:00Session II:  Mobility and Voice Studies [Sesion Chair: Ahmed Helmy, USC]
1.      “Tools and Techniques for Measurement of IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks”Feng Li (WPI), Mingzhe Li (WPI), Rui Lu (WPI), Huahui Wu (WPI), Mark Claypool (WPI), Robert Kinicki (WPI)Link to: [paper] [presentation] 
2.      “A CDMA Data Measurement and Analysis Tool”Matthew Andrews (Bell Labs), Lisa Zhang (Bell Labs)Link to: [paper] [presentation]
3.      “On Nodal Encounter Patterns in Wireless LAN Traces”Wei-Jen Hsu (USC), Ahmed Helmy (USC)Link to: [paper] [presentation]
4.      “Performance Evaluation of Voice Handovers in Real 802.11 Networks”Björn Grönvall (SICS), Ian Marsh (SICS)Link to: [paper] [presentation] 
5.      “Experimental Evaluation of 802.11e EDCA for Enhanced Voice over WLAN Performance”Ian Dangerfield (NUI Maynooth), David Malone (NUI MaynoothLink to: [paper] [presentation]
15:00 – 15:30Break
15:30 – 17:10Session III:  Channel and Coding Issues [Tristan Henderson, Dartmouth]
1.      “Evaluation of Error Control Mechanisms for 802.11b Multicast Transmissions”Jérôme Lacan (LAAS-CNRS/ENSICA), Tanguy Perennou (LAAS-CNRS/ENSICA)Link to: [paper] [presentation] 
2.      “Bit Error Correction Without Redundant Data: A MAC Layer Technique for 802.11 Networks”Wenyu Jiang (Dolby Laboratories)Link to: [paper] [presentation] 
3.      “Comparison of Bluetooth Interconnection Methods Using BlueProbe”Sewook Jung (UCLA), Alexander Chang (UCLA), Mario Gerla (UCLA)Link to: [paper] [presentation] 
4.      “Observations and Models of Time-Varying Channel Gain in Crowded Areas”Vinay Sridhara (Univ of Delaware), Hwee-Chul Shin (Univ of Delaware), Stephan Bohacek (Univ of Delaware)Link to: [paper] [presentation] 
5.      “Experimental Evaluation of an Angle Based Indoor Localization System”Asis Nasipuri (UNC-Charlotte), Ribal Najjar (UNC-Charlotte)Link to: [paper] [presentation]